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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yoga Throughout Thailand

After several failed attempts to blog further due to Internet and continuous moving around, I decided to catch up in pictures and have a final summary of travels.

This post features pictures of me yoga-ing throughout Thailand!  From the most recent up to 10 days ago.

At a temple in Lob Buri Province (where my Peace Corps host family lives) in Natarajasana

Lop Buri Temple in Sirsasana headstand
On long dock in Mak Island, Trat Province Thailand in Ardha Padmasana in Vrksasana

In Sirsasana Headstand on the long dock, Koh Mak Island

Utthita Hasta Padagustasana on Koh Mak Island

On the long dock in Koh Mak

Natarajasana on the beach sunset at Koh Mak Island

Vrksasana on the beach sunset at Koh Mak Island

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