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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yoga (Amazing) Thailand

If Thailand wasn't enough of a paradise itself, I somehow found an oasis within this paradise via the Samahita Yoga Retreat on Samui Island in Southern Thailand.  At Samahita, I was fortunate to join in a workshop with one of the world's finest Ashtanga yoga teachers, Chuck Miller at this pristine setting.  Chuck is one of the original founders of YogaWorks (where I got my 200-hr. certification) and also a long-time instructor of my teacher and mentor, Natasha.  As a new yoga instructor,  it's important to continue education as often as possible and what better of an opportunity than to study with Chuck in Thailand?! When the stars aligned I thought, why not?! It was particularly beneficial because the workshop with Chuck provided a lot of much needed reinforcement of the principles and importance of yoga basics that come straight from the source of the YogaWorks method.  Very cool. 

For a couple days, we spent about 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon practicing and studying theory.  I was undoubtedly in the presence of greatness--you can really feel the energy and the wisdom in the room when Chuck is there.  In addition, the ambiance of Samahita was yoga-magical as the place itself was incredibly clean and quiet; the attendees were all like-minded yogis with genuine, earnest interest in yoga, health, well-being, peace, and balanced life. In addition, the food was incredibly healthy, vegetarian, vegan and delicious with 2 buffets twice a day. The theme of our workshop was Sama which, actually means balance or oneness or sameness in Sanskrit.  For 4 days, I tried to let this sameness and balance permeate my thoughts, behavior and actions and I can say with certainty after this retreat, I left feeling more balance, refreshed, rejuvenated, and even more excited about yoga!  It truly was an amazing experience.

This is where the magic of yoga happens...every day! Not to shabby with the sound of the waves to guide your breathing.

Samahita pool and outdoor yoga shala behind the pool.

With Chuck outside the Buddha Shala where we had our workshop

Beachfront land at Samahita...water was super salty but I somehow powered through!

Excursion near the beach.

With my new Thai yogi friends at the retreat.

Eating just one of many delicious and super nutritious meals at Samahita Retreat.

At sunrise from my room on the last day of workshop.

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